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Resilience=Connectedness=College Ready

With the support of all of you this year we have been able to serve over 200 middle and high school youth in after-school programs filled with STEM and Art enrichment that we offer at LEAP and in the Salem and Gloucester public schools and 150 students in our College Success programs. This June, we will have 31 high school youth from Salem, Peabody and Gloucester graduating. And, thanks to everyone here, we continue to have 100% high school graduation and 100% college enrollment. And 85% of our students are still in college or have graduated. These stats are impressive. […]

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Building Student Resiliency

In LEAP for Education’s College Success Program (CSP), it is one of our goals to support students while leading them towards finding their own autonomy, which is vital in order to succeed as independent adults in college and future careers. It is important to the CSP staff that students are taught the appropriate way to communicate with every professional in their lives. In addition, it is incredibly important that our students see themselves as adults who can solve problems instead of looking for adults around them to solve problems for them. In today’s parlance, these 21st Century skills of problem-solving, […]

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This weekend I spent a few days down in Hull, MA and took a bike ride to the Hull gut where a deep water channel between Hull and Peddocks Island connects the ocean to Hingham bay. On incoming and outgoing tides the water can be turbulent with winds and treacherous cross currents. For small boats, particularly sailboats, it is not only the water and wind conditions but it is the speeding motorboats throwing wakes that make the crossing so unpredictable and scary. If you are tacking against the wind, it can be indeed a small feat to get through. When […]

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