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Business Partner Network

Established in 2020, the Business Partner Network is composed of local companies who are committed to helping LEAP students find their passion in life and develop a pathway to success. LEAP runs a myriad of programs and activities to connect students with Partner employees who share similar strengths and interests. Sign onto the LEAP Business Partner Network to join in this effort, connect with students, share your experiences, and support students on their journey!

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LEAP programs are open to all, but we prioritize students who encounter systemic socio-economic barriers and inequality. As a community, we can work together to eliminate inequities in educational and career opportunities so all young people can realize their full potential.







The Big Picture

The Business Partner Network gives our students the ability to make important social connections, to identify professionals as role models, and to get a deeper look at various career pathways. For the employees of our partner companies, these activities provide them with a meaningful volunteer opportunity as career mentors and an opportunity to fill a youth job pipeline in their fields with a diverse student population. For LEAP, we are now able to run events in partnership with one or more companies and get ample professionals across multiple fields and industries to help our students meet their education and career goals.

What kinds of programs do Partner employees participate in?

  • Career speakers
  • Mock and informational interviews
  • Job shadowing
  • Job Search and Career Readiness workshops
  • Internship
  • Other work-based learning experiences

What are the benefits to being a Partner?

  • Help cultivate a pipeline of workforce-ready youth on the North Shore
  • Identify and hire qualified employees for internships and full-time employment
  • Bring new ideas and perspectives into the workplace by hiring LEAP youth
  • Help advance your company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion work, and work with LEAP to create meaningful change in the community
  • Boost employee engagement and retention in a competitive job market.
  • Be recognized as a partner in our Annual Report

Whether hosting a networking event or a Lunch ‘n Learn, sharing career information with high school and college students, or hiring a LEAP student, our staff never stops talking about the value of our partnership with LEAP.

Krystyna Hincman, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility,
Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.

Meet LEAP Current Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does my company become a LEAP Business Partner?
We ask that you sign a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding which confirms the company’s commitment to engage with LEAP students to advance their personal, educational, and career growth. You can select which events you want to participate in and how frequently.

Is there a cost to participate?
No, there is no cost to participate. However, when we return to in-person programs, we would ask our Partners to consider hosting an event at their site so students can explore different companies and get a feel for the workplace environment. Hosting such an event with food would be optional but encouraged!