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Staff and Board

Staff and Board Members

Meet the staff and board members making LEAP’s mission a possibility for so many underserved and/or first-generation-to-college students in the North Shore.


Linda S.

Executive Director
(978) 740-6667 ext. 109


Kayla D.

Deputy Director
(978) 740-6667 ext. 114


Erin T.

Director of Development and Communications
(978) 740-6667 ext. 119


Mira R.

Manager of Data Assessments and Evaluations
(978) 740-6667 ext. 102

Andria C.

Design and Communications Manager
(978) 740-6667 ext. 108


Kathy C.

(978) 740-6667 ext. 116


Nancy K.

Development Associate
(978) 740-6667 ext. 120


Jesenia T.

Senior Director of High School, College and Career Programs
(978) 740-6667 ext. 104


Hilary K.

Senior Director of Middle School Programs
(978) 740-6667 ext. 124

Madison S.

Career and Outreach Associate
(978) 740-6667 ext. 112


Mary B.

Student Engagement Career Associate
(978) 219-4741


JoAnn L.

Program Coordinator, Gloucester
(774) 270-0119

Vicki T.

Teen Center Coordinator
(978) 740-6667 ext. 118

Wanntha S.

Site Coordinator, Lynn
(978) 740-6667

Daisy A.

Program and Family Engagement Associate
(978) 740-6667 ext. 122


Norma R.

College Success Program Site Coordinator (Salem)
(978) 740-6667 ext. 106


Ashley P.

College Success Program Site Coordinator (Peabody)
(978) 740-6667 ext. 115


Arlin B.

College Success Program College Coach
(978) 740-6667 ext. 107


Sandra C.

Assistant Site Director of Expanding Horizons
(978) 740-6667 ext. 103


Kayla B.

Middle School ELL Advisor, AmeriCorps Fellow
(978) 740-6667 ext. 103


Lilianna C.

College Success Program Intern
(978) 740-6667 ext. 113

Baltazar A.

Post-Secondary Programs Intern, Summer of 2020

Lenny T.

Career and Outreach Intern, Summer of 2020


In July 2014, LEAP for Education, Inc was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. LEAP separated from North Shore Community Action Programs, Inc on June 1, 2015.

Dr. David Silva, President

Provost, Salem State University

Jody Goldman, Treasurer

Partner, JKG Associates

Constance Rudnick Grayson, Clerk

Professor Emeritus at Massachusetts School of Law

Dr. Mary-Lou Breitborde

Retired, formerly Associate Dean and faculty at Salem State University in the School of Education

Brian Castellanos

Licensed Adolescent Social Worker at Massachusetts Department of Children and Families

Manny Cruz

Legislative Aide to State Rep. Paul Tucker, Salem
Elected Member to the Salem School Committee
LEAP Alumnus

Ellen Galligan

Retired, formerly Director of Community Services, Catholic Charities North

Robert Monegro

Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat and former LEAP volunteer

Jonathan Ofilos

Partner, Tinti Grover Quinn Frey LLC

Linda Saris

Executive Director, LEAP for Education Inc