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Extended Learning Time

Any after-school provider who speaks out against Extended Learning Time (ELT) speaketh with forked tongue, indeed. Quality after-school programs prove over and over again that ELT is valuable. When reading articles on ELT, I am taken aback with comments that ELT have not been proven to impact academic outcomes. I infer from the articles that the data is inconclusive. I have not had the time to read the research that has been done but I believe that some of the issue may be that the value of after-school programs is not just academic improvement (although our data shows that this […]


Great Expectations 2013 – Address from Linda Saris

On June 11,2013, Salem CyberSpace held its second Great Expectations event at the Kernwood Country Club.  260 students, parents, supporters and community members came to celebrate the graduation of 14 high school students and 10 college graduates. Here is the speech that its Director, Linda Saris, delivered that night: Today is a very special day for all of you.  The graduates you will see today are among the first students to participate in the academic youth programs which started in 2003, 10 years ago when these students were in middle school.  Your support (and many of you here today have […]


The Importance of Vocational Education by Arthur Posey

Thank you to Arthur Posey for posting this blog Arthur Posey is a retired high school guidance counselor and freelance blogger specializing in issues that relate to education (including education reform, TEFL and the importance of vocational schools. When he’s not writing, you’ll probably find him rafting his favorite rivers or fixing up his motorcycle. My uncle Dan was top of his class in high school, with excellent grades and promising SAT scores. Most of the colleges he applied to offered him full-ride scholarships. He went to the University of Colorado for about a year, got straight A’s and became […]


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