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Developing a Community of Engaged Learners

A large percentage of high school students are disengaged from learning.  Nationwide 50% of these students do not go on to any post-secondary education (38% here in Essex County, MA). I have always been an engaged learner so it has been a long path for me to realize that for many, learning can appear to be irrelevant and, yes, boring. In fact, this is the most common reason students cite for dropping out. These students see no clear connection between their schoolwork and the “real world.”  Such connections are difficult to make in a classroom and teachers can only do […]


Student Corner – How College Success Programs Help Students In College

Yibelis Pena graduated Salem High School in 2010 and North Shore Community College in 2012 and will be attending Northeastern University in the Fall of 2012 as a transfer student.  Yibelis was a speaker at the Great Expectations Event and spoke about the value of college success programs in support students through graduation.  Yibelis received generous scholarships from Northeastern and the Steven Phillips Scholarship. Good evening! I would like to start off by congratulating both the high school and college class of 2012 on your success. I am Yibelis Pena and I graduated from Salem High School in 2010. Although […]


Student Corner – The Value of After-School Programs for Immigrant Teens

This is the speech that one of our students gave at our Great Expecations fundraiser on June 5, 2012. This compelling speech describes the challenges immigrant youth face when they come to the US as teenagers and how after-school academic programs provide needed supports and social capital. Johanna graduated Salem High School in 2010, North Shore Community College in 2012 and will be entering Northeastern University in September, 2012 as a transfer student with generous scholarships from the Steven Phillips Scholarship and Northeastern University. Good Evening everyone, my name is Johanna Rodriguez. On May 24th I graduated from North Shore […]