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The Dream Act Must Be Passed

We have all been following the story of Eric Balderas, the Harvard student, who came to this country illegally as a 4-year old with his mother. As valedictorian of his Texan high school, he is now studying biology on a full scholarship to Harvard.  He was detained in Texas after visiting his mother and faces deportation. It gets you thinking. On May 11, Salem CyberSpace feted its own high school seniors who all graduated high school in 4 years and are all going on to college in the fall. 70% of these students also came with their parents to the […]


Community Colleges Are Filling the Gap. But Shouldn’t Others Be Helping?

At Salem CyberSpace almost of all our students live in homes where English is not spoken and over half are native speakers of languages other than English.  For the students who came to this country as teenagers, getting up to speed in English in order to succeed in college is indeed a tall task.  However, all students who do accumulate the required number of high school credits and pass MCAS will earn a ticket to the local community college. Community Colleges provide open enrollment to any student with a high school diploma. For many immigrant teens, who graduate with low […]


Teaching Math Literacy Before Numeracy to ELL Students

If I were to ask you whether English Language Learners (also called LEP for Limited English Proficiency) did better in English or math on the MCAS test, what would your answer be?  Most likely you would guess math.  After all, you might argue, the language of math is universal.  Solving 5 x 5 doesn’t require any English, correct?  Well you would be wrong.  In Salem, MA 19% of the Hispanic students Failed the math MCAS vs 9% who failed English. For LEP students, 43% of students failed math vs 18% who failed English. “Perhaps more than any other subject, teaching […]