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A Private Sector Commitment to Lowering the School Drop-Out Rates

A Five Step Approach I recently attended two symposia – one on non-profit management at Stanford Business School’s Institute of Social Innovation and the other on urban education put on by the Institute of Urban Education at the University of Chicago. At these talks, there was a lot of discussion around change. How do you effect change when the problems seem so intractable? From these lectures, I can summarize this 5-step process: Name the enemy Find the bright spots – no matter how dismal the statistics, don’t get lost in the numbers and find where change has already happened at […]


Can Small Business Be the Missing Link to Education Success?

In the city of Chicago, for every 100 children entering high school, only 6 will finish college. In Boston, 2/3 of all students who go on to college have not graduated after 7 years. And, while I could not find similar statistics for my smaller urban city, Salem,  we can extrapolate from statewide averages and from the data that is available on drop out rates and high school graduation plans,  to estimate that 30 students out of the original 100 will finish college. When you look at subgroups by income, ethnicity and gender, the numbers look appalling. For Hispanics (32% […]



Welcome to CyberYouth – a part of Salem CyberSpace. Salem CyberSpace expands the educational and career opportunities for low-income youth and adults, thereby providing the foundation for achievement and self sufficiency. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and innovative curricula, we successfully meet our goals for English Literacy, Computer Literacy, workplace readiness, and job internships. Our youth programs consist of four major programs: Academic After-School Program English Language Learner (ELL Street) Program College Prep CyberCorps We are located at 98 Lafayette Street in Salem, Massachusetts and can be reached at 978.270.6667 or via email.