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Why Should High Schoolers Come to the Teen Center?

BY CAROL KASULE, TEEN CENTER SOCIAL MEDIA INTERN The Teen Center is a welcoming after school program where high school students come. When students come to the Teen Center, it is where their joy and laughter begin after having a long day at school. It’s open from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm. One reason why students should come to the Teen Center is to keep busy when they have nothing to do after school. Students can engage in different after school programs that enable them to explore their interests, for example, cooking. Students learn about foods from the time they […]


What College Sophomores Wish They Knew Before Going to College

We asked a few rising college sophomores what they wish they had known before they went to college. Here is their advice organized under three lists encompassing communication and advocacy skills, academic and study skills, and social and college life. Communication & Advocacy Skills ❶ Take advantage of the mental health professionals that are on campus if you are struggling with ANYTHING mentally. They are there for you and should be used no matter how large or little your problems may seem. ❷ Go to Office Hours and form a personal relationship with your professors. They could one day write […]


On the 50th Anniversary of the death of Bobby Kennedy

From Executive Director, Linda Saris, to her staff at LEAP for Education: Most of you reading this were not born or too young to remember RFK. There has been a lot of news this week on this 50th anniversary of his death at age 42 and today I was reminded of one of his famous quotes that I thought I would share. Bobby Kennedy was running for President against the Democratic backed candidate Hubert Humphrey in 1968. Senator Humphrey was the establishment candidate and defender of the War in Vietnam. Humphrey to his credit was also an early supporter of […]