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Jeneba Koroma Speech Great Expectations 2018

Speech given by Jeneba Koroma, Salem State University student, LEAP’s College Success Program participant and MC of the night at Great Expectations 2018, LEAP for Education’s annual fundraiser. This spring, I will be graduating from Salem State University with a chemistry major and a minor in human biology. With hard work and dedication, I am proud to say I have completed my degree in just three years. One of my recent accomplishments is discovering what I want to do with my future. It’s a great passion of mine to work in the field of gerontology and starting fall of 2018 […]


Linda Saris’ Speech Great Expectations 2018

By Linda Saris on April 10, 2018 Thank you for attending Great Expectations. We have the largest crowd ever and appreciate the support of the community. Every year, we have a theme and this year the theme is positive adult-youth relationships. Tonight you have already heard the moving story from Cecilia and Ty and the inspiring talk by volunteer Cathy Pommer. These parents and volunteers whom these speakers represent, along with an amazing LEAP staff, create the fabric of our success. This year we had over 40 active volunteers who spent between 20 and 200 hours each in the last […]


Our Children, Education and the Future of Work

You don’t have to go far these days to find an article, data, conference or book about the Future of Work. It is clear that the way we work and live is poised to go through a major change as robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and genetic engineering (among other disruptive innovations) become more prevalent in our society. There are differences of opinions on the makeup, magnitude and timing of this change, but what is widely agreed upon is that our children entering school now will experience a world of work that is going to be very different from ours […]