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Our Children, Education and the Future of Work

You don’t have to go far these days to find an article, data, conference or book about the Future of Work. It is clear that the way we work and live is poised to go through a major change as robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and genetic engineering (among other disruptive innovations) become more prevalent in our society. There are differences of opinions on the makeup, magnitude and timing of this change, but what is widely agreed upon is that our children entering school now will experience a world of work that is going to be very different from ours […]


Patty Ocampo Speech Great Expectations 2017

Parent’s Viewpoint – LEAP for Education Speech delivered by Patty Ocampo at Great Expectations on 4/4/17   My name is Patty Ocampo, and I’m here tonight with my son Carlos-Daniel to talk about my wonderful experience with LEAP for Education’s College Success Program. I came to this beautiful country from Costa Rica looking for better opportunities for myself and my 3 kids. As a single mom, this program has been a great relief for me because it helps me pay attention to everything I need to do to best help my son. I have attended every parent meeting. They are […]


Kelly Santana King’s Speech at Great Expectations 2017

LEAP for Education Testimonial Speech Delivered by Kelly Santana King (Northeastern 2017, Mechanical Engineering, 4/4/17 My name is Kelly King and in May, I will be graduating from Northeastern University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am not much of a public speaker. The first time I had to give a speech I was in 8th grade and didn’t speak a word of English. My math teacher invited me to join the national Honor society, with the catch that I had to give a speech. I wrote the speech in Spanish, my teacher helped translate it to English and […]