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Monthly Giving Donor Profile: Brendan Walsh

LEAP for Education is very fortunate to have donors like Brendan Walsh. Brendan has made monthly donations to LEAP since 2012 and his donations have totaled well over $1,000. For many people, writing a check of $1,000 is not possible, but if it’s done incrementally, the impact is just as meaningful. Monthly donations of any size are crucial, sustaining gifts that support our students and our programs.

Brendan Walsh
Brendan first came to know about LEAP through connecting with LEAP’s Executive Director, Linda Saris. He and Linda share a desire to give back to those in need. Brendan’s parents
instilled in their seven children a sense of helping others from a very young age. Growing up,
Brendan recalled that people he did not know would often be at their dinner table– he just
knew that his parents would take in those who needed a meal. His father was a truancy officer
in Salem Public Schools, working up until he died in his 80s. Brendan recalled a time when a
family of children had been truant from school and it was because they did not have shoes.
Brendan’s father took it upon himself to ask a local shoe store owner to donate the shoes so
that the kids could return to school. His family motto was, “your life purpose is to help people who are struggling.” He grew up in a family that truly cared.

When asked why Brendan gives to LEAP, he says, “it is a great organization doing what needs to be done. It gives kids who might not have a chance a chance.” Brendan has spent a good deal of his life and career trying to help youth “who didn’t get the best deal” opportunities to strive for a better life.

Please consider joining Brendan as a monthly donor to LEAP. Monthly donations are important to sustain LEAP’s mission to empower low income and first-generation- to-college students to perform at higher levels in middle school and high school, and to graduate college prepared to pursue a successful career that matches their strengths and passions.

Be sure to indicate your gift frequency on the donation schedule field (monthly/quarterly).


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