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Kayla Dorst

Kayla Dorst, Director of Strategy and Innovation

Kayla Dorst worked for LEAP as a tutor from 2008-2012. She then went to North Carolina State University where she earned her Master’s degree in Mathematics as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow and completed all her coursework for a PhD in Mathematics. Her educational research interests lie in motivation theory, program assessment, and developing interdisciplinary curricula. In 2016 she returned to LEAP as its first STEM Coordinator and Career Services Outreach Coordinator.  Given her analytical skills and her role as a change agent within LEAP, Kayla was promoted into her new role to oversee all new programs and partnerships and to drive continuous improvement. In the spare time she thinks she has, Kayla loves to cook and travel. Kayla, a true life-long learner and is currently enrolled in an MBA program majoring in non-profit management at the University of Oklahoma.