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Graduates 2016

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Meet our 2016 Graduates




Alyssa Mello
Claudia Grullón
Cristal Pimentel
Esther Hamidou Tabayi
Germany De La Cruz
Jessica Marínez
Jhonel Roberts
Karen Cevallos
Lishberny Alcantara
Paloma “Scarlet” De Leon
Shamaika Marcellus
Yusben Báez
Amanda “Mandy” Santa-Reyes
Alexis Picanco
Alyssa Breen
Dylan Cappos
Estefany Villalona
Gabriella “Gabby” da Silva
Galliany “Gali” Mallol
Katerina “Kat” Kerastaris
Lisa Nguyenhoang
Mariel Cuevas
Praycelia “Pray” Porcher
Tori Thompson
Brandon Silva
Colby Allen
Giusi Favazza
Jacob MacIntyre
Lukas Struppe
Nick Kenyon


Domingo Quiroz

Domingo Quiroz (Salem State University)

As a freshman at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School, Domingo signed up for an ELL work-study program run by LEAP. After transferring to Essex Agricultural and Technical High School he joined the College Success Program. He was admitted to Salem State University through their Summer Bridge Academy. During his time at Salem State, Domingo held the position of Treasurer for the Latino American Student Organization (LASO) and continues to be connected to the organization. Domingo graduated with a bachelor’s in business with concentration in international business.

Emiluis “Emi” Pérez

Emiluis “Emi” Pérez (Salem State University)

Emi joined the LEAP for Education family when he was in middle school and continued his participation through the College Success Program. Emi transferred to Salem State after attending North Shore Community College where he not only obtained his associate degree in liberal arts, but also discovered his passion for helping others. Emi graduated from Salem State University with a Bachelor in Social Work.

Jacarlys Roman

Jacarlys Roman (North Shore Community College

Jacarlys came to LEAP’s Academic Learning Center for homework help and later joined our College Success Program. At the end of her junior year, Jacarlys moved back to D.R. to complete high school. From the Dominican Republic she contacted the College Success Program to request our help with the college application process. Jacarlys joined CSP upon her return to the United States in 2014 and completed her associate degree in liberal arts from North Shore Community College in two years! She will be transferring to a four year school where she will continue working towards her goal of becoming a doctor.

Jesus Morales

Jesus Morales (University of Pennsylvania)

Jesus graduated valedictorian from Salem High School in 2012. He was the first recipient from the city of Salem (and our College Success Program) of the prestigious QuestBridge Scholarship (a national full-ride scholarship) and is an active member of the Penn Chapter for Quest Scholars. While at Penn, he gained professional experience as a research and design intern at Falmer Thermal Spray and as a research assistant in Investigational Drug Service at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He also gained leadership experience by working as a residential advisor and biotechnology teaching assistant for the Engineering Summer Academy at Penn. Jesus graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering with concentrations in pharmaceutics and biotechnology.

Jhonathan Rodríguez Nuñez

Jhonathan Rodríguez Nuñez (North Shore Community College)

Jhonathan arrived to the United States two years ago, and was introduced to the College Success Program (CSP) by his sister, Johanna, who is a CSP graduate. He enrolled at North Shore Community College (NSCC) in the Spring of 2014. Through self-discipline, Jhonathan made sure to stay on top of his classes and practiced his English at home and during his meetings with his CSP advisor; before the end of his first semester, he was able to hold a full conversation in English. His continuous dedication allowed him to successfully complete his associate degree in liberal arts at NSCC in only two years! Jhonathan will be transferring to a four year school to pursue a career in criminal justice.

Victor “Manny” Cruz

Victor “Manny” Cruz (Northeastern University)

Manny started to come to LEAP when he was in middle school. His older brother, Miguel, is an alumni of the College Success Program and graduated from Montserrat College of Art in May of 2013. Manny continued his participation by joining the College Success Program in high school. After graduating high school, Manny moved on to Salem State University to pursue a degree in political science. After his sophomore year Manny transferred to Northeastern University, where he received the LaCLA Scholarship; a full tuition scholarship. Manny graduated with a bachelor’s in political science with a concentration in public policy and administration, as well as two minors, one in law and public policy, and the other in philosophy. Manny plans on going back to school to get a dual degree in law and either a Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Administration or a Master of Public Policy.