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Career Connections

Career Connections is a continuum of services that starts in middle school and continues through college and includes three frameworks: career awareness, career exploration and readiness, and career immersion.


This phase is intended to make middle school and early high school students aware of the breadth of career and/or occupational choices.
  • Academic Enrichment
  • College Campus Tours
  • Career Speakers
  • Career Field Trips
  • STEM Career Fair


With the help of our advisers, high school students focus on 1 – 3 career paths that match their strengths and interests.
  • Job Shadowing
  •  Resumes & Interviewing
  • Labor Market Research
  • Financial Literacy
  • Build Social Capital


High school students find meaningful internships and volunteer opportunities, complete job applications, and create a post college graduation career plan.
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Job Search & Work Skills
  • Internships
  • Career Planning
  • Work Readiness

All students write and update their Education and Career Plans each year based on their experiences at LEAP, at school and at work and shared with parents and counselors. Lesson plans and benchmarks form a structured curriculum that guides students to:

Identify careers that match their strengths and interests.

Make important connections between their academics and skills needed for their future career interests.

Create an intentional post-secondary plan aligned with or career interests.


Students get a head start on their future by getting matched with a company to gain important workplace skills and start to build a solid resume for college and future endeavors.


Employment-related search engine platform for students to find jobs and internship opportunities in the North Shore and surrounding areas to help start their career.

In 2017, LEAP launched its Career Connections initiative to formalize and enhance the career awareness, career readiness, career immersion and relationship-building in our programs. By infusing programs with relationship-building and relevant experiences, students begin to connect what they are learning to exciting career pathways, needed life skills and an expanded worldview. Math, science and history are no longer abstract ideas confined to the classroom but skills needed to succeed in work and life. Through this program students will develop long-term goals with aspirations for a successful personal and professional life, engaging in learning that will help them navigate the inevitable hurtles in college and life.