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College Success Program


Our College Success Program provides students with high-quality, integrative, educational, and advisory services for career exploration, college preparation, admission, and college success. We do high-touch advising, supporting, mentoring, and guiding with students in Salem and Peabody from 11th grade until college graduation.



We begin recruiting towards the end of 10th grade to start the program in 11th grade (there are limited spots to join our program as a 12th grader). You must be on free or reduced lunch and/or first generation in your family to attend college in the U.S., interested in attending college, and either attending Peabody Veterans Memorial High School or able to travel to our Salem office if attending another high school. We will continue to work with you until you graduate from college. If you are a current college student in need of any kind of assistance please contact us.



Supporting a student through the college preparation process can be a challenge for many families. Our desire is to engage with parents to ensure everyone is involved, getting their questions answered, and concerns heard. We also partner with the high schools in Salem & Peabody to run free seminars to help you prepare for the process.

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We help underserved students (economically disadvantaged and/or first-generation-to-college) to complete a post-secondary education path so that they may continue independently on their journey to higher learning and rewarding careers based on their strengths and interests.


We strive to decrease the college graduation gap that exists among underserved, first-generation-to- college students (particularly those who are economically disadvantaged and/or students of color) in addition to having students take on minimal debt in order to fund their college education.


High School Juniors

High School Seniors

  • Self-exploration (strengths and values)

  • Career exploration

  • Course advising and monitoring of grades

  • Resume writing and career readiness

  • SAT Prep classes

  • Scholarship search

  • College research

  • Visit 8 college campuses

  • Have a list of colleges to apply to as a senior

  • Create draft of the college application essay

  • Financial Literacy and other life skills needed to be a successful college student

  • Aid with filling out college applications (especially revising the college essay)

  • Assistance in completing all financial aid paperwork

  • Applying for scholarships

  • Understanding financial aid award letters

  • Selecting a college

  • Preparing for freshman year and the transition to college


Many college access programs begin to work with students as seniors. These students are usually already on track to graduating high school and self-select into the programs.

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We Work With All Students

Our program accepts all students, regardless of GPA and/or academic performance.

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We Encourage Parental and School Involvement

We work in tandem with parents and school staff to ensure the students are getting the academic and social services they need to succeed.

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We Offer College and Career Support

All of our students from 11th grade until their college graduation receive regular and consistent advising, support, mentoring, and guidance around their college and career opportunities in order for them to reach their goals.

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We Take a Holistic Approach

Our staff works with students to identify all opportunities and challenges, be they academic, financial or health, and teaches students how to advocate for themselves to reach their highest potential.