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Early College Program – Forten Scholars

LEAP for Education, the North Shore WIB, Salem High School and Salem State University are excited to offer two years of college credit courses to high school students who will be juniors. For information on fall, 2019 classes, contact Jesenia Tejada-Perez, 978.740.6667 x104.


A new Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation report concludes that if Black and Hispanic residents graduated from college at the same rate as white peers, Massachusetts would realize $20 billion over a decade in increased tax revenues and reduced public assistance spending.  Early College is a proven strategy to address college degree attainment and opportunity gaps.

The Charlotte Forten Early College Program is entirely FREE, and upon completion of the two-year program, students will have earned 12 college credits for four courses that also count towards high school credits. All credits will be transferable to ANY college, saving families thousands of dollars!


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Abolitionist, Educator, Writer, Poet, Translator, and Women’s Rights Activist

  • First African American Graduate of Salem State Normal School (now University)-class of 1856.
  • She faced inequality due to her race and gender throughout her life and used her pen to express her outrage and advocate for solutions.
  • For 65 years Charlotte was a tireless advocate for the end of slavery; equality for women and people of color; and education for all.
  • Her life embodied activism and social justice.

Early College Program - Charlotte Forten