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Teen Center

The Teen Center is a drop-in program for Salem teens offering free, academic support, academic enrichment, civic and community engagement in an after school supportive environment. Teen Center programs allow students voice in the creation of activities that help them perform better at school and become more engaged learners, engaged community members and critical thinkers.


Students attending the Teen Center at LEAP for Education in Salem participate in guided activities, go on local field trips, meet other youth, get homework help and tutoring, explore their interests, improve their communication skills, and prepare for a job and college. The program is open four afternoons per week Monday – Thursday to all Salem teens in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 regardless of which school they attend. Transportation is not provided to and from the program, but can be arranged as needed. Free food for our hungry teens is provided daily!

The year is divided into 2 sessions and there are guest speakers and field trips that are offered every session. For information about current activities check out the Calendar.

We are also offering Virtual Engagement Support and Tutoring. During Virtual Engagement Support, students are invited into the space to complete their online school requirements. The Teen Center is a clean, quiet space with reliable wifi that we encourage our students to come in and use. Staff and volunteers are there to support students with technology and academics. We provide tutoring in all subjects, and this can be coordinated for in person or virtual. We can also provide help with time management and goal setting, as we understand this is especially important this year!


Teen Center Coordinator

(978) 740-6667 ext. 118

Teen Center Summer Program
June 29 – July 31


  • BROTHERS FOR SUCCESS – An after-school peer-mentoring club for young males of color.
  • CAREER CONNECTIONS – A continuum of career services from middle school through college.
  • COOKING MENTORSHIP – An online program where students learn from well renowned chef Nina Simonds. Not only do students learn how to cook from recipes and cooking techniques, but they learn about health and wellness in relation to food as well.
  • ELL SREET – An after-school service learning project for ESL (English Language Learner) teens.
  • FARM SCHOOL – Both a hands on and virtual experience where students can learn about agriculture, sustainability, community farming, and food accessibility.
  • SISTERS FOR SUCCESS – An after-school peer-mentoring club for young women.
  • SOCIAL JUSTICE INITIATIVE – A space for students to discuss social injustices both at the community and national level, including topics such as racism, immigration, oppression and biases, classism, and more. The new session will begin with the topic of injustices in our country’s judicial system.
  • STEM PROGRAMS – A diverse selection of hands-on STEM clubs for teens.
  • TECH CLUB – A program for students who would like to learn more about science and technology. Topics that have been explored are coding, graphic design, and medical technology. Careers in STEM and how this technology works in the world around you is explored. Students encouraged to bring forth things that are excited to learn about!
  • THE 84 – An after-school, peer-to-peer, citizen advocacy movement of youth fighting tobacco industries in MA.
  • WRITING CLUB – An after school program that helps students strengthen their academic writing and explore different types of creative writing.


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