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Teen Center

The Teen Center offers afterschool programs for local teens including free academic support, academic enrichment, and civic and community engagement in a supportive environment.


Winter 2021 – Registration is now open!

The Teen Center is a clean, quiet space with reliable wifi. We encourage all local teens to come in and use it! Staff and volunteers are here to support students with technology and academics. We provide tutoring in all subjects, and this can be coordinated for in person or virtual. We can also provide help with time management and goal setting. Snacks and meals are provided daily!


Days: Monday – Thursday
Time: 2:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Location: LEAP for Education (35 Congress Street, Suite 102, Salem)


Teen Center Coordinator
(978) 740-6667 ext. 118

Monday-Thursday, 2-7PM


  • LEARNING HUB (Daily)
    In-person or remote tutoring and support with school assignments for distance learning.
  • SISTERS FOR SUCCESS (Mondays 5:30-7pm)
    Join other young female-identifying students to succeed in all areas of life. Read More →
  • WRITING CLUB (Tuesdays 3:30-4:30pm)
    Do you enjoy writing? Whether it’s a poem, song, journaling, etc., join us to communicate effectively through weekly writing experiences that can strengthen your writing skills while exploring different types of creative writing.
  • BROTHERS FOR SUCCESS – An after-school peer-mentoring club for young males of color. Read More →
  • COOKING CLUB (Wednesdays 3-4pm)
    Explore cooking healthy recipes as well as techniques of the art of cooking while learning about health and wellness, eating
    on a budget and more – led by culinary expert, Nina Simonds.
  • SOCIAL JUSTICE INITIATIVE (Wednesdays 3:30-4:30pm)
    Come and voice your opinions on local, state, U.S., and international current events with an emphasis on race, identity, and social injustices (Salem history field trips included). Delve into anti-racism, advocacy, public policy, and human responsibility.
  • TECH CLUB (Wednesdays 5-6pm)
    Want to learn how to code, use a 3D printer, fly a drone? Join us! Get personalized hands-on and computer-based activities in science, technology, engineering, and math – led by engineers.
  • MEDAL MADNESS – (Wednesdays 6-7pm)
    An opportunity for students to learn about education and career exploration topics that they do not typically get the chance to talk about in school so they can reach all of their goals. Examples of topics
    include planning out academic schedules, time management, scholarship searching and writing, and learning about financing.
  • ELL SREET (Thursdays 4-6pm)
    For English Learners to improve English reading and writing skills through project based learning in which students identify and respond to a community problem. Read More →
  • THE 84 (Thursdays 6-7pm)
    Join our peer-to-peer, youth-led advocacy movement fighting against tobacco industries in MA with a focus on reducing the number of youth that use tobacco products. Read More →


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