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Dream MORE @ Thurgood Marshall Middle School (Lynn)

Lynn Public Schools and LEAP are partnering to implement a free after-school and summer program at Thurgood Marshall Middle School (TMMS) called Dream MORE (Marshall Opportunities for Resilience and Education) for Lynn students in grades 6 – 8.

All slots for the summer program are currently full and new applications will be waitlisted.

This program was made possible through a Wellington Catalyst gift awarded to LEAP for Education in December, 2019. The program will initially be funded through the Catalyst gift and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Access to Quality Afterschool and Summer grant funding.


Currently Full – Fill out the registration to be added to the waiting list!

The Dream MORE summer program will run from Monday July 12 to Thursday August 12 for rising 6th – 9th students from Lynn.


Start Date: Tuesday, July 12th
Days: Monday – Thursday
Time: 8:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Location: Marshall Middle School


Project-Based Learning: The program day starts with interdisciplinary project-based learning experiences. Students will be placed in a cohort based on interest and grade level. Project-based learning opportunities will be offered in areas such as:

  • Social justice
  • Website design
  • Diversity of habitats/sustainability
  • Service learning (getting food to the hungry)
  • Engineering/city planning

Afternoon Enrichment Opportunities: All students participating in Dream MORE will choose an afternoon enrichment. These may include activities such as art, photography, drama, team sports, health and fitness, and mixed martial arts.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided daily. Limited transportation will be provided based on need to and from the program. Students will be cohorts of 12 or less, and district COVID safety procedures/protocols will be followed throughout the program. The Dream MORE program is staffed by community partners, Lynn Public School and LEAP for Education employees.

Students are expected to attend all 5 weeks of the program.

Space is limited for this program and spots will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.  Once you have registered, we will confirm enrollment in the program by the second week in June.


Wanntha S.
Site Coordinator


February 2021
November 2020


“What I like about Dream MORE is being on the Zoom and talking to others in the class and I get to make my own music. Maybe I can be a musician in the future!”️

– Zachstry A., 7th Grade Student at Thurgood Marshall Middle School attending Dream MORE, Music/Beat Making

“What I like about Dream MORE is we get to play games, have fun with one another, and get to make incredible projects like the bridge made out of paper and tape.”️

– Karla G., 6th Grade Student at Thurgood Marshall Middle School attending Dream MORE, Science/Engineering

Molly Cohen Principal of Thurgood Marshall Middle School

“After months of planning and collaboration between LEAP staff, Thurgood Marshall Middle School teachers and the community, the Dream MORE program kicked off on July 7th in a virtual format. Thirty-four English learners are learning important English language and computer literacy skills, which will prepare them for their return to school this fall. We can’t wait for our students to share their experiences!”

– Molly Cohen, Principal of Thurgood Marshall Middle School

What is LEAP for Education’s Role?

LEAP for Education, Inc. is working with the Lynn Public Schools to act as Program and Academic Coordinator for the after-school program at Marshall Middle School. As Program Coordinator, LEAP will work with the site supervisor to assure that all the grant requirements are being met and that the academic quality, enrollment, attendance and assessments meet the high standards of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


LEAP's Response to COVID-19