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Dream MORE is a free afterschool and summer program in Lynn where you can discover fun, new activities (like robotics, cooking, and art) with a caring community of friends and mentors.

Dream MORE (“Marshall Opportunities for Resilience and Education”) is a 21st Century Community Learning Center program funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education and is run in partnership with Lynn Public Schools.


Program goals

  1. Discover Your Interests –  try new activities and find something you’re passionate about
  2. Connect with Others –  meet new friends, caring teachers, and people in the community
  3. Grow and Improve – get assistance to keep up with your homeschool, set goals you care about and start to pursue them

Program schedule

Session 1 Monday, October 4th – Thursday, December 16th
Days Mondays – Thursdays
(Not including half-days and holidays. Students sign up for 2 or 4 days.)
Time 2:30-5:15 PM
Location Thurgood Marshall Middle School (Lynn)


Wanntha S.
Site Coordinator


May 2021
February 2021
November 2020

Program design

During the school year, the daily schedule is roughly as follows:

2:30-3:30: Snack, homework support, games, team-building, and check-ins with Dream MORE staff

3:30-4:45: Enrichment activities like entrepreneurship, social justice, engineering design, science, art, drama, and photography

4:45-5:15: Gym time, board games, and additional homework support

In addition to engaging programming, added benefits include:

  • Daily snacks
  • Transportation home at the end of the day if living more than a mile from school
  • Friendly staff of community partners, Lynn Public School and LEAP employees
  • District COVID safety protocols in place

Fall program

Fall program offerings may include: Entrepreneurship/Shark Tank, Design and Technology, and Drama and Art (students select options after registering).

Student eligibility

Open to students residing in Lynn, with priority given to Thurgood Marshall Middle School students and those from economically disadvantaged households, English Learners, students of color, and first-generation-to-college students.


“What I like about Dream MORE is being on the Zoom and talking to others in the class and I get to make my own music. Maybe I can be a musician in the future!”️

– Zachstry A., 7th Grade Student at Thurgood Marshall Middle School attending Dream MORE, Music/Beat Making

“What I like about Dream MORE is we get to play games, have fun with one another, and get to make incredible projects like the bridge made out of paper and tape.”️

– Karla G., 6th Grade Student at Thurgood Marshall Middle School attending Dream MORE, Science/Engineering

Molly Cohen Principal of Thurgood Marshall Middle School

“After months of planning and collaboration between LEAP staff, Thurgood Marshall Middle School teachers and the community, the Dream MORE program kicked off on July 7th in a virtual format. Thirty-four English learners are learning important English language and computer literacy skills, which will prepare them for their return to school this fall. We can’t wait for our students to share their experiences!”

– Molly Cohen, Principal of Thurgood Marshall Middle School

What is LEAP for Education’s Role?

LEAP for Education, Inc. is working with the Lynn Public Schools to act as Program and Academic Coordinator for the after-school program at Marshall Middle School. As Program Coordinator, LEAP will work with the site supervisor to assure that all the grant requirements are being met and that the academic quality, enrollment, attendance and assessments meet the high standards of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

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