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Dream MORE @ Marshall Middle School (Lynn)

Lynn Public Schools and LEAP are partnering to implement a free after-school and summer program at Thurgood Marshall Middle (TMMS) School called Dream MORE (Marshall Opportunities for Resilience and Education) for Lynn students in grades 6 – 8. The program is starting with a small virtual pilot in Summer 2020 and the afterschool program is planned to start in October 2020.


Summer 2020

The summer program targets English language learners and offers project-based learning that will introduce students to their community and offer opportunities to build and practice their writing, listening, and speaking skills in English.


  • The program will be held live online.
  • A mix of enrichment activities and social-emotional support will also be provided.
  • The program is free and runs from July 7 – August 6, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, between 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM [students participate for two 90-min sessions in this window].
  • Teachers and well-known community organizations will lead your student each day.

Registration is now open. Space is limited!

School Year 2020-2021

Starting in October 2020, the Dream MORE afterschool program will offer academic enrichment, education and career exploration, and opportunities for students to develop socially and emotionally and to build community connections. Special programs will also be offered to English Learners to accelerate their acquisition of English and help prepare them for high school. The program will operate Monday-Thursdays from 2:45 PM – 5:15 PM and offer different activities in fall, winter, and spring sessions. The fall session is planned to start in mid-October and will run for 10-weeks. Teachers and community organizations interested in offering programs in the schools as part of this program are encouraged to participate.


Hilary K.
Senior Director of Middle School Programs
978-740-6667 ext. 124

Wanntha S.
Site Coordinator


A planning group composed of Lynn students, parents, government officials, educators, community organizations, business people and other interested Lynn residents has come together to provide input and ideas on this new afterschool and summer program.  Others are welcome to join the group which will continue discussions in the fall.

Next Meeting: TBD


Dream MORE Zoom Class Picture

“We get to interact with and interview different people – that’s my favorite part. It’s pretty cool to interview people with interesting jobs and learn about what they do!”

– Roisy P., Student at Thurgood Marshall Middle School attending Dream MORE, Summer 2020

“The DREAM MORE virtual summer program offers English Learners an opportunity to improve their English proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing through interactive interviews with local community members. Through these interviews students are introduced to other successful adults in their local community and potential future career paths while simultaneously building stronger relationships with their teachers and peers. Students also have an opportunity to develop their technology skills and practice problem solving skills in order to be able to efficiently navigate the world virtually.”

– Sarah McKenna,, Dream MORE Lead Teacher, Summer 2020

Molly Cohen Principal of Thurgood Marshall Middle School

“After months of planning and collaboration between LEAP staff, Thurgood Marshall Middle School teachers and the community, the Dream MORE program kicked off on July 7th in a virtual format. Thirty-four English learners are learning important English language and computer literacy skills, which will prepare them for their return to school this fall. We can’t wait for our students to share their experiences!”

– Molly Cohen, Principal of Thurgood Marshall Middle School

This program was made possible through a Wellington Catalyst gift awarded to LEAP for Education in December, 2019. The program will initially be funded through the Catalyst gift and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Access to Quality Afterschool and Summer grant funding.

What is LEAP for Education’s Role?

LEAP for Education, Inc. is working with the Lynn Public Schools to act as Program and Academic Coordinator for the after-school program at Marshall Middle School. As Program Coordinator, LEAP will work with the site supervisor to assure that all the grant requirements are being met and that the academic quality, enrollment, attendance and assessments meet the high standards of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.