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Expanding Horizons Sessions

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Expanding Horizons Sessions

Expanding Horizons is a free Salem Public School District after-school program at Collins Middle School, for any Salem resident in grades 6-8. The students who participate in Expanding Horizons sessions engage in innovative curriculum designed to enlighten their minds in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM). Sports and mentoring programs that embed social-emotional learning and/or academic enrichment are also offered.

We have rolling admissions so register at any time!

SESSION THREE (Monday, March 23 – Thursday, June 19)

Collins Middle School, 3:30-5:30 p.m.
Transportation available from Saltonstall to home each night for enrolled students.



Regulate Yours

Students will engage in a series of self exploration, healthy habits, relationship building, stress management and critical reasoning activities and lessons. Instructors will help students explore self and career interests.

EL Street

In this service learning program, English Language Learners will get the opportunity to improve their vocabulary and speaking skills, as well as explore their community and career interests.

Inventors: Shoe Soles

Are you a sneaker fan? In this program, students will research a variety of athletic shoes to observe their differences and similarities. Students will choose an athletic activity, design a shoe sole prototype and interview prospective users.

Inventors: Electronic Textiles

In this program, students will first learn how batteries generate electricity and design their own battery cells. Students will then use their creativity to make wearable electronic textiles that light-up!

Career Connections/Social Emotional Learning

As we prepare you for high school, we will learn and explore different education pathways for jobs and careers that meet your strengths and interests, while also helping you develop the life skills necessary to set goals and achieve them.

Team Sports

In this program students will develop their social and emotional learning skills through play! Communication, Cooperation and Trust!

Hip Hop and Expressive Dance

Students will learn fun and challenging choreography, while also building confidence and strengthening relationships with peers. The instructor creates a safe and inclusive environment for dancers of all levels.

Mad Scientist (STEM Program)

Do you like chemistry, physics and to get messy?? Students will explore the science and chemical reactions behind homemade Slime & Ice Cream, how to build an oven out of recycled materials, design fruit batteries and more!


Students will learn fundamental software programming concepts and languages to create their own games that they can play with their friends!!


In this program, students will use art as an expressive tool, giving them the opportunity to explore their creativity and artist selves in a fun nurturing environment. Projects may include calm drawing, painting, sculpture, recycled art, murals and much more.

Homework/Academic Support (every day)

*It is absolutely required that students planning to attend Tuesday and Thursday enrichment programs, attend at least 1 additional day, either Monday or Wednesday.