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Volunteer Profiles

Volunteer Profiles

Thank you for all you do for our students!

Volunteer profiles Cathy Pommer and student


Cathy has been volunteering at LEAP for several years. Whether running a discussion, helping a student revise a college essay, or clarifying a question, Cathy is always willing to help each student. She brings a calm, organized and experienced approach. Our students rave about Cathy. We truly appreciate her dedication and support for our organization, our program and our students. She is also a valuable member of our Great Expectations Event Committee.


Connie is currently professor emeritus at Massachusetts College of Law at Andover with over 25 years of teaching law and practicing law. She has been on the Board of Overseers at the Peabody Essex Museum since 2015 and also volunteers in its Office of Chief Philanthropy Officer. Connie is a very dedicated volunteer with LEAP’s College Success program, helping students with their essay writing and college applications. She is a graduate of Williams College and Case Western University School of Law. Ms. Grayson joined the LEAP for Education Board of Directors in July, 2018.

Volunteer profiles Jean Cocuzzo


Jean is a retired teacher of French and Spanish. She tutors our college bound students as they prepare for college placement tests. Jean is also a member of our Great Expectations Event Committee.

Volunteer profiles Marjorie Halperin and student


Marjorie has provided much needed support to our high school seniors in Peabody as a College Success Program volunteer. As high school seniors fill out college applications and submit financial aid forms, Marjorie has offered advice to encourage students during independent work. Her stories and bubbly personality engage students during group discussions. Marjorie has deeply connected with students by offering feedback on their college essays and resumes. The College Success Program staff greatly appreciates Marjorie’s dedication and creative suggestions to enhance our lessons.

Volunteer profiles Ron Landman and student


Ron is a retired principal of Swampscott Middle School. He tutors college bound students, helping them prepare for their college placement tests.

Volunteer profiles Zina Gerilomatos


Zina is a retired HR executive, who assists our Executive Director Linda Saris in various strategic and operations projects. She is a valuable member of our Great Expectations Event Committee.